Interactive Videos anywhere on Websites

Engage your website visitors with the interactive Storiway mediaplayer which seamlessly integrates into anywhere on any website.

Why use Storiway?

Here’s 3 reasons why our users find value in our product

Build trust

Show your visitors who your team is and build trust instantly

Simplify complexity

Use video to communicate complex topics in simple ways

Engage visitors

Drive engagement and have your visitors spend more time on your site

Quickly craft videos

Storiway allows you to quickly make your interactive video ideas to a reality. Using our easy editor it only takes a few minutes.

How does it work?


Film your videos

Get ready to talk, and shoot those videos. Remember you can plan your stories in our interface.

Assemble on Storiway

Upload your assets in our interface, and then assemble your stories.

Add one line of code

Integrate with one line of code, and handle when and where to show your stories in our platform.

Let your visitors be engaged

Sit back and let your visitors be engaged with this awesome experience you created for them.

The Platform

Real-time analytics

We make sure to have all your analytical data for you to help you make decisions.

Match your brand

We make sure that you can keep your unique brand identity.

Invite the team to collaborate

Storiway allows for teams to collaborate on creating the best interactive videos.

Integrate easily into websites

All it takes is just one line of code, and then you can handle the rest from Storiway.

Easy pricing

Free tier

Free forever and access to everything.

Regular tier

$14/mo + $5 per 1.000 impression over 5.000

We are ready to
answer questions

We have collected some of the usual questions, if you should have any other questions feel free to write us at
Absolutely! We offer a free tier that grants you access to the full range of Storiways features. With this free tier, you’ll receive a monthly allowance of 2,000 impressions. Should you reach this limit, your videos won’t be served, and you won’t incur any charges.
An impression is recorded each time a video is loaded and viewed.
In our regular tier, you’ll pay a flat fee covering the initial 5,000 impressions. Beyond that point, charges will only apply for the impressions you actually utilize.
Absolutely. We’re fully GDPR compliant, and we ensure that no sensitive information about your users is tracked. Your data privacy is our priority.

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